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Crane operator Offshore installations - Entry course 1.10

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A crane operator moves loads to and from supply boats at offshore installations. He must be able to clearly communicate with his colleagues from a great height. The crane operator is familiar with the safety aspects of lifting equipment and the rigging of loads. He is also involved in the daily maintenance of the offshore installation. All these aspects are dealt with during the Offshore Crane operator course.

The training course Crane operator offshore installation (1.2) is registered by NOGEPA. Our training course Crane operator offshore installations (1.2) is given conform OPITO and OMHEC guidelines are accredited by NOGEPA.

For whom?

Persons with mobile and/or tower crane experience, trained according to the TCVT standards, assigned to operate a crane on an offshore installation.




  • Offshore cranes 
    - types and appearances
  • Safety aspects hoisting equipment
    - chain and chain assemblies
    - steel wire rope
    - slings
    - special lifting equipment
    - maintenance, storage and visual inspection
  • Attaching loads
  • Communication 
    - hand and arm signals
  • Daily maintenance
  • Basic knowledge of diesel engines, hydraulics and electrical engineering.

Step 1: Basic Training
The student concludes the basic training with a theoretical and practical test. If this assessment is positive, the student receives the Provisional certificate of Expertise & Registration - Crane operator offshore (stage 2).

Step 2: Offshore experience
The student is running under the supervision of a certified crane operator at least 40 hours with the crane. The hours must be registered by the OIM. During the 40 hours of operation the assignments should be made in the practical assignment book and be completed with satisfactory results.

Step 3: Examination (stage 3)

After this period, the student can apply for an exam at SOMA Bedrijfsopleidingen. The exam will take place at the offshore location. All practical skills are tested during the exam, including the loading and unloading of a supply boat. If the student passes the exam, he receives the authorized NOGEPA Certificate of Expertise & Registration - Crane operator offshore (stage 3).

This Certificate of Registration & Expertise has a fixed period of validity of 4 years.


2 days



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